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Women: Steer Your Wealth Journey With Confidence
Women are getting wealthier at a faster pace than men. According to a 2022 UBS report ("Women and Investing"), the growth in women's investible wealth has outpaced men's between 2016 and 2022.
Unlocking the Value of Art
The perception of art has evolved over the years. Beyond its cultural significance and aesthetic pleasure, art is increasingly becoming a working asset in wealth planning. In our latest publication, we deep dive into art financing – a fledging tool to unlock the value of art to enhance your wealth management strategy.
Hong Kong: A Hub for Family Offices
Hong Kong is poised to become a prime hub for family offices with its well-established financial infrastructure, competitive tax system and robust government support for the industry. Its unique location grants the city unparalleled access to Mainland China and seize opportunities arising from the Greater Bay Area. Find out what Hong Kong has to offer in our latest publication.
Singapore Family Office Update 2022: Tax Incentive
The family office landscape in Singapore has continued to flourish and expand with promising potential since our last publication “Singapore as an ideal location for a family office” in 2020. With updated guidelines and criteria for the tax incentive scheme, it is therefore timely for us to revisit this topic to navigate the considerations of setting up a family office in Singapore.
Private Placement Life Insurance
Private Placement Life Insurance, commonly referred to as PPLI, is a bespoke universal wealth planning tool for high-net-worth individuals and their families. As its name suggests, it is a sophisticated unit-linked life insurance contract that is offered on a private placement basis and thus tailored to each client’s unique needs.
SingAlliance Answers: Yield Curve – Where Do We Stand Now?
With imminent rate hikes expected to take place this year, it is apt that we turn to analyse what has been happening with the yield curve recently and whether the yield curve will continue to flatten.
SingAlliance Answers: Yield Curve as an Economic Indicator
We often speak of the yield curve when it comes to bond investments. But why is the yield curve important to investors, and what does it tell us about the economy? In this edition of SingAlliance Answers, we delve into the yield curve as an economic indicator.
Legacy Planning with Digital Assets
The advent of the digital age has given rise to an exciting new asset class, but many have yet to give much thought to the inclusion of digital assets in estate planning. Find out the key considerations and what one can do to ensure his/her digital assets will be transferred to the intended beneficiaries.
SingAlliance Answers: Stablecoins
Following up on our introduction to digital assets, this edition of SingAlliance Answers narrows in on the world of stablecoins. Here, Derek Wong explores the usefulness of stablecoins and their different types.
SingAlliance Answers: What is a Family Office?
With a rapidly evolving financial landscape, a family office can play a vital role in helping to navigate complex family needs. In this edition of SingAlliance Answers, Nikki Cheong breaks down what a family office is, the benefits it presents, and why Singapore is a preferred jurisdiction to establish one.