Our Team

Derek Wong

Portfolio Manager

Derek Wong is an American national with more than 9 years of quantitative derivatives trading experience in the US and China.


He began his career hedging commercial commodity flows in Chicago, leveraging on his experience as a teenager clerking on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. In 2014, he moved to Beijing, China, as the lead quantitative strategist for Pioneer Financial, creating automated hedging systems and strategies for the ferrous metals desk.


He was then selected as one of two portfolio managers to start Foretrade Investment Management Co. Ltd, the asset management arm of a Shanghai listed commodities company. Thereafter, successfully launching a quantitative global multi-strategy derivatives portfolio.


In 2018, he moved to Singapore and developed PRISM with a partner, utilising a complex event-based architecture, 10:1 compression tick database and high throughput messaging. PRISM is an asset agnostic, modular and multi-strategy portfolio capable research and trading platform. Derek joined SingAlliance Pte Ltd in 2019 where PRISM now serves as a launchpad for new quantitative trading strategies.